Roasted Masala Chana Dal Namkeen - 200 gm | Cholesterol Free, Low in Calories

Roasted Masala Chana dal from healthy treat is a 100 % Roasted Namkeen which is a perfect teatime snack and can be munched on at any time of the day. This is a vegan and gluten-free snack.

 Net Weight - 200 gm

Ingredients -Gram Pulse, Dry Mango Powder, Black Salt, Chilli Powder, Himalayan Salt, Carom Seed.

Being a roasted snack makes it a healthy alternative to your fried and unhealthy snacks / namkeens.

Also, roasted masala chana dal from healthy treat is rich in plant based protein and dietary fiber 



  • High in Plant-Based Protein.
  • Rich source of Dietary fiber.
  • Low in Calories
  • Cholesterol Free