Roasted Potato Sticks | Crispy, Spicy & Nutritious

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**Attention snack lovers! Are you tired of munching on boring, greasy potato chips that leave you feeling guilty and sluggish? Say hello to "Roasted Potato Sticks" from Healthy Treat, the guilt-free snack that will revolutionize your snacking game! 

✅ Crunchy and savory, they'll satisfy your spicy cravings without any guilt.

✅ Unlike fried munchies, these are a better alternative that won't weigh you down.

Made from real potatoes, these are roasted to perfection with great taste.

Upgrade to our Roasted Potato Sticks and snack smarter today! Order now and experience the taste of guilt-free snacking.

Net weight - 100 gm 

✅ Source of fiber
✅ High in potassium
✅ Rich in vitamin C
✅ Boosts energy
✅ Promotes digestion
✅ Aids in weight loss

Potato, Red Chilli Powder, Edible Common Salt, Black Salt, Dry Mango Powder.


Let's get you answered

Yes, these are not your regular fried finger chips. A healthier, more crunchier and spicier, Our Roasted Potato Sticks are 100% roasted, with no oil, loaded with fibers and potassium, and are super tasty to munch ;)

No hard rules! Just don't overdo it. Keep portion sizes moderate, maybe a handful or so, and balance with other noms.

Junk food? Not at all! Please don't confuse these with your regular potato chips, which are fried and unhealthy. Healthy Treat's Roasted Potato Sticks are healthier, tastier, crunchier and spicier! What else do you need in a snack ;)