Roasted Diet Chivda

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With this Roasted Diet Chivda from healthy treat, forget about about the fake diet chivda you get in market which are actually fried.

It is a perfect crunchy low fat teatime snack

Net Weight - 150 gm

Ingredients -  Rice Flakes, Bengal Gram, Peanuts , Curry Leaves, Raisins, Black Salt, Edible Common Salt, Dry Mango Powder.


Let's get you answered

Diet chivda is a lower-calorie variation of classic chivda, a famous Indian snack prepared of fried noodles, peanuts, and spices. Although diet chivda contains fewer calories and fat than traditional chivda, it is still a snack that should be enjoyed in moderation as part of a healthy diet.

Again, moderation is the key. Roasted namkeen is a healthier alternative to deep-fried namkeen because it is roasted with less oil, but it still contains some oil and salt. So, if you're searching for a healthier snack than deep-fried namkeens, roasted namkeen is a nice option, but it's still not the healthiest option available.