Delight Diwali Gift Box

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✨ Go Luxurious, Go Healthy this Diwali! ✨

Gift it, share it, or indulge yourself - it’s more than a treat; it's a Healthy Treat!

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Discover Diwali's charm with 'Healthy Treat's' exclusive hamper. Inside: roasted dry fruits, tantalizing berries, and two radiant diyas to light up your celebrations. A blend of tradition and taste that's irresistibly inviting. Gift it, or indulge yourself – it's the festive choice everyone's craving.

Roasted Nutty Mix 80 gm
Roasted California Almonds 90 gm
Roasted Cashew 90 gm
Super Berries Mix 100 gm
Diwali Greeting Card 1 unit
Premium Diyas set of 2

  • 100% Roasted Brilliance - Every nibble echoes the perfection of roasting.
  • 100% Pure Flavorings - Dive into authentic, natural taste.
  • Hand-curated by Artisans - Craftsmanship that speaks volumes.
  • 100% Quality Ingredients - Only the best for the best.
  • Taste with Zero Guilt - Savor the flavors, ditch the guilt.
  • 100% Nutritional Intake - Health & taste, hand in hand.
  • 100% Clean - Celebrate a cleaner, healthier Diwali.


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