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Roasted Bhel Mix | Delicious Diet Snack | 0% Guilt

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Indulge in the mouthwatering taste of Healthy Treat's Roasted Bhel Mix, a delicious blend of puffed rice, crunchy nuts, and flavorful spices. Savor every bite without the guilt, knowing you're making a healthier snacking choice.

100% Roasted: No Oil, Low Fat

✅ Packed with Nutrients & Fiber

✅ Bursting with Flavor: Tangy & Spicy

✅ Suitable for Vegans & Vegetarians

Don't let unhealthy snacks hold you back! Add our Roasted Bhel Mix to your cart now and experience a delectable, nutritious snack that keeps you energized and satisfied.

Net Weight - 100 gm

✅ Lowers Cholesterol
✅ Boosts Energy
✅ Aids Digestion
✅ Supports Heart Health
✅ Promotes Weight Loss
✅ Rich in Antioxidants
✅ Helps Control Blood Sugar

Puffed Rice, Sorghum, Bengal Gram, Peanut, Corn Flake, Turmeric Powder, Black Salt, Red Chilli Powder, Curry Leaves.


Let's get you answered

If consumed in moderation, bhel can be a part of a healthy diet. Bhel is a traditional Indian snack comprised of puffed rice, veggies, and a sour chutney. It's a high-fiber, vitamin- and mineral-rich low-calorie snack. However, because some bhel recipes contain excessive amounts of oil, salt, and sugar, it's recommended to choose a healthy version made with fresh ingredients.

If made with fresh ingredients and low levels of salt, sugar, and oil, bhel can be a healthy snack option for diabetics. Diabetics must limit their portion sizes and select snacks that are low in calories yet high in fibre and nutrients.

Again, moderation is the key. Roasted namkeen is a healthier alternative to deep-fried namkeen because it is roasted with less oil, but it still contains some oil and salt. So, if you're searching for a healthier snack than deep-fried namkeens, roasted namkeen is a nice option, but it's still not the healthiest option available.