Roasted Peanut Himalayan Salted | Deliciously classic and Highly Nutritious

Get Classic with our irresistible Roasted Peanuts Himalayan Salted! 🥜

  • 💯Roasted to perfection for a deliciously crunchy texture 
  • 🥜 Himalayan salted detoxifies body, better than regular salt 
  • 🚶‍♂️ Perfect for snacking on-the-go 
  • 💪 Packed with protein and healthy fats for a nutritious boost
  • 🍃  All natural ingredients for a guilt-free snack with no artificial flavors or preservatives

Net Weight - 200 gm

    Health Benefits

    • Rich in antioxidants: helps reduce oxidative damage in the body.
    • High in vitamins and minerals: boosts overall immunity.
    • Contains lycopene: improves skin and eye health.
    • High in fiber: aids in digestion and weight management.
    • Rich in healthy fats: helps reduce cholesterol levels.


    Peanut, Himalayan Salt.