Ultra Munching Box: 9 Roasted Snacks Combo

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Indulge in Healthy Treat's Ultra Munching Box, a scrumptious roasted snack combo offering a delightful mix of flavors and health benefits. Satisfy your cravings guilt-free with these delicious, nutritious nibbles.

✅ Exciting variety of 9 snacks

✅ Tasty & healthy alternative

✅ Perfect for on-the-go snacking

✅ Ideal gift for health enthusiasts

Don't miss out on this mouthwatering assortment! Order now to experience the perfect balance of taste and wellness that Healthy Treat's Ultra Munching Box offers.


1 Gur Chana 200 gm

1 Roasted Peanut - Peri Peri 200 gm

1 Roasted Chana Jor 200 gm

1 Roasted 5 in 1 seed mix with Cranberry

1 Roasted Pumpkin Seeds - Peri Peri

1 Roasted California Almond - Himalayan Salted 200 gm

1 Roasted Cashew - Himalayan Salted 200 gm

1 Roasted Watermelon seed - Sweet and Sour 125 gm 

1 Roasted Khatta Meetha Mix 150 gm


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