Healthy Midnight Snacks Ideas for Your Next Binge Watch : 7 Best Options

May 06, 2022 2 min read

Healthy Midnight Snacks Ideas for Your Next Binge Watch : 7 Best Options 

Eating healthy snacks while watching your favourite shows can boost your energy and mental clarity, as well as reduce junk food cravings and maintain healthy blood sugar levels. That's why snacks for overeating should be not only tasty, but also healthy. Combining unhealthy snacks with binges can lead to disastrous results, and you end up gaining a few extra pounds.

Watch your favourite shows with these absolutely delicious ones. We’ve narrowed down our favourite healthy treat snacks and hope we can help you decide what to eat this weekend while watching one of these shows. Without further ado, let's take a look at what these mid night snack ideas ,

1. Crispy Sticks

They are crunchy, low in calories, making them really healthy yet tasty snacks. Made of Corn and rice with a bit of masaledar twist making them a great combination of spice and crunch.

And the best part is that they are 100 % roasted making them a healthier version of Kurkuure.


2. Potato Sticks 


The spiciest Aloo Lachha are here and the best part is they are not fried. Roasted Potato Sticks from Healthy Treat is a perfect teatime healthy snack and can be savoured in the form of a chaat as well.

Crunchy yet tangy , these can be the perfect munching partner for your next binge watch.


3. Makhanas Salted


What’s better then getting saved from kernels of popcorn getting stuck in your teeth by changing the old popcorn snack with healthy roasted Makhana.

Eat this salted, pepperly and crunchy makhanas as a snack whenever you feel like snacking.


4. Cornflakes Namkeen  


 cornflakes namkeen , roasted namkeen, roasted snacks

Sooooooooo crunchy and tangy that you won’t believe that it’s actually roasted and guess what , yes it is !!

Try our 100 % roasted cornflakes namkeen which satisfies your hunger without loading you with calories.


5. Peri Peri Peanuts  

roasted peanuts , flavored peanuts , roasted snacks

Peri peri !! Yes we know you love it and you’ll like it more when it is packed with some protein.

We often neglect peanuts from our munching list but with peri peri flavour it will be on the top of your list.


6. Bhel Mix 


 bhel mix namkeen , roasted namkeen, roasted snacks

The all time favourite munching partner of almost every family member is here but with a healthy twist.

Have you ever heard of Kolkatta’s Jhalmuri ? If not, try this roasted bhel mix and you’ll not be able to stop munching on these.


7. Nutty Trail Mix 

roasted seeds, nutty mix, nutty trail mix, healthy snacks to buy, nuts

The hero of all the healthy munching is here.

A premium blend of  7 delicious and healthy ingredients :   Roasted Cashew Nut  Roasted Almonds  Roasted Makhana  Roasted Peanut  Roasted Sunflower Seed  Roasted Pumpkin Seed  Raisins

Whether you're craving something sweet, salty or sodium free, our trail mix will hit the spot.
You can enjoy a delightful burst of flavors in this protein-rich and energy-filled bite!


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