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June 15, 2022 5 min read

We all know, beauty starts from within. We also know, what we eat directly reflects on our skin. Still we do not include these superfoods in our skin diet, and hence again that dull, pigmented skin.

Its boring, its bland..Saying this, we all at some point of time, feel lazy to include such healthy edibles in our daily diet bowls. But what if we say, there are yummy munching alternatives which can do the wonders to our skin. 

Here are five delicious skin care agents that may bring the utmost glow to your skin.


1. Skin firmer - Cranberries


cranberries for skin

Love eating cranberries? Cranberries are the wonder food, beauties! Super great source of vitamins and minerals, cramberry is the yummiest superfood for all. The cranbery is a great remedy for all your acne and blemishes, don't believe? Try us :)

Also known as vaccinium macrocarpon ( cranberry in english ) or dried version as craisins.

We either have it in the form of cranberryjuice or eat as raw cranberries fruit. But did you try the dried cranberries ?And that too with a chatpata twist? Healthy treat's Chatpati cranberries are a rich source of Vitamin C which boosts collagen and tightens skin. Cranberry dry fruit is a perfect skin firming agent which is loaded with antioxidants, that help fight free radicals which are responsible for causing wrinkles and sagging skin. Garnished with a chatpata flavour, this is everyone's favourite. Once you get your hands on these, and we bet you can't stop munching these. Seriously one of the best fruit for skin.


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2. Skin Lightener - Flax seeds 

flax seeds for glowing skin

One of the great skin food, flaxseed for face is a boon in skincare game.

Flaxseed for skin are truly the wonder seeds. Popularly known as alsi ( flaxseed in hindi ), this is getting raved about these days among all ages. With a really high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids, Flaxseed benefits for skin lightening the dark spots or scars, as flax fiber can actually help in making your skin glow from within. Just like the cranberries, these also have antioxidants in abundance, thereby reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Flax seeds benefits for skin are though infinite, but there's no wonder that these flax seeds for weight loss are getting limelight too these days. Also called linseed, thanks to omega 3 acids, it can also hydrate and moisturize the skin very well. A great source of protein, flaxseed for hair is a boon. So why wait for the amazing flaxseed nutrition in your diet bowls ?

Not your regular flaxseeds, but with a flavour of jeera and ajwain, these taste scrumptious. Just try 1-2 tsp of Healthy treat's roasted flaxseed protein, morning or evening, and you are good to go..

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3. Skin Booster - Roasted Almond

roasted almonds for skin

Want to go nuts over the skincare game ?

One of the popular types of nuts, an all rounder skin booster, roasted almonds should definitely be included in your list.

Popularly known as badam, these are low in carbs and high in protein. One of the best quality almonds are considered as Mamra badam. Healthy treat's roasted almonds benefits for skin in maintaining the elasticity of the skin, making it smooth and supple. Not only that, with high in vitamin E, it prevents dryness, making your skin so nourished that you will fall in love with your own skin. Remember, your grandma use to say, eat soaked almonds first thing in the morning after you wake up, that was not only for your memory game, but also for your skincare game. The amount of protein in almonds per 100g or you can call badam protein is approx 21 g which is more than sufficient for your nutrition intake.

We know the presence of vitamin b12 in nuts and seeds exists, but still our intake is getting decreased day by day.

The almond benefits for skin are so so proven, that you can't even forget to miss.

These aren't regular salted roasted almonds, instead are made in himalayan pink salt which maintains skin's ph balance. One almond protein is very efficient too, so you can count how much you want more. Now who's planning to go nuts with us ?


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4. Skin Fighter - Roasted watermelon seeds

watermelon seeds for skin

Yes, everyone's favourite Water melon isn't just an excellent summer fruit but supplies an amazing source of fibre too, the watermelon healthy seeds. Rich in magnesium, they help in reducing acne and treats large skin pores, making them the perfect skin fighters. Watermelon benefits for skin in a way that it will enhance the skin texture in the long run with continuous intake. Popularly known as tarbuj ke beej, water melon fruit seeds delays the aging process, so beauties, you might want to swap your expensive anti-aging serums with these miracle seeds ! Best part is, just as watermelon in pregnancy is super great, so as its seeds, as its richness in vitamic C can increase the baby's immunity in womb. 

Diabetic peeps, attention! This superfood is for you too. Watermelon for diabetes is great, and its seeds are more magical gifts. Oh, we forget to add the yummiest part. These are roasted with a flavour of sweet & sour, something tangy, but so freaking delicious. Eat watermelon seeds and feel tangy ! 

Don't confuse with musk melon, though the latter is equally beneficial too. Just have 1-2 tsp of Healthy treat watermelon seeds, twice a day, and your seed nutrition will be accomplished. Who's up for the seeded watermelon diet ?




5. Skin Enhancer - Roasted Pumpkin seeds

pumpkin seeds for glowing skin

The most raved skin superfood these days, is undoubtedly pumkin seeds. A perfect skin enhancer, this one is loaded with a ton of benefits. Also known as pepitas in some countries, though a variety of pumpkins seeds. High in zinc, it has repairing properties which can fight free radicals and promotes skin renewal. Being so rich in zinc, green pumpkin seeds protects you from harsh UV ways, thereby complementing your SPFs and also gives your skin extra protection from environmental pollution. Pumpkin seeds protein benefits are unlimited not only for skin but for your body too. These kaddu ke beej ( pumpkin seeds in hindi ) can be the next go to snack for your daily dose of skin nutrition. Pumpkin seeds uses don't only limit to glowing skin, they are an amazing superfood for your weight loss journey too. You can either buy the roasted version from gourmet brands or can buy raw pumpkin seeds and roast pumpkin seeds at home.

And with a peri peri twist, every snack becomes a favourite one. Healthy treat's roasted pumpkin seeds are one of the best munches, that even the kids won't refuse :)



We aren't raving about our products, but we seriously want to give you the best alternatives to your bland taste buds and re-challenge your skin care game !

Skin care cosmetics are equally beneficial but they just do 30% wonders to your skin, rest is 70% diet, which is really really essential to include. 

So who is ready to take up the skin care challenge with us ?



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