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Wondering what could be the possible superfoods which include the protein magic ?

We know, an egg nutrition comprises mainly about 7 grams of high quality protein but at the same time there are many types of protein; paneer, tofu, pulses and fruits which can be great substitutes for that one egg too.

Here are top 10 protein foods which can do wonders -

1. Soya Bean - not your regular pulse protein !

We know pulses are rich in protein, but soybean is a one of the special ones from them. One of the most high-protein vegetarian superfoods. It has a bunch of nutrients such as Vitamin K1, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B9, Molybdenum, Copper, Manganese, Phosphorus, Isoflavones, and Saponin. This magic superfood is loaded with protein and fiber so much that a bowl full of boiled soyabean with some veggies can actually make you energised for the whole day. This is almost equal to 1 banana protien. Try Healthy Treat's roasted  soyabean for that crunchy munchy healthy taste.

Fun fact is the Green soybean version, also known as edamame, is consumed as a healthy snack. Whereas the Yellow soyabean version is utilized to make soymilk, tofu, tempeh, and tamari. 

Try making Soya Poha, Soynut Butter, SoyMilk or a ton of other youtube recipes, ofcourse ! Either way, you gonna get protein, so did you decide the next soybean dish you would be trying in your kitchens?



2. Tofu - Ah! Somewhat the paneer substitute !

Another magic one is, Tofu made of condensed Soy milk that is highly rich in protein and has all the essential amino acids. A plant-based breakfast option highly popular among vegans, particularly. Can’t have protien in egg or chicken ? No worries. Tofu is a very great source of protein, almost equal to protien in one egg, which can lower the cholesterol, hence reduces the risk of heart related diseases. Also popular in breakfast menus in most travel loved places. So what are you waiting for, start having this high protein breakfast ideas for your next morning.

Try making tofu sandwiches or scrambles or even tofu curry, or you might like to add in your yummy smoothies or pancakes too. Fun fact, it taste somewhat like cottage cheese, since you get that protien in paneer too.

Vegan peeps, your life saviour is here !!



3. Chia Seeds - The magical seeds !

You all know about these magic seeds. Tiny, but infinite benefits, these are the powerhouse of minerals, protein and fibers. They can cure constipation, they can reduce inflammation, they can benefit hair, from shine to growth to strength. Dont believe ? 

Try adding a spoonful of chia seeds in your breakfast meals and see the difference. Either having them in puddings, smoothies, and oatmeals, and you can even bake them in your breads.



4. Pumpkin Seeds

Yes, right! Pumpkin seeds, not only a great source of protein but also a remedy for many chronic diseases. It has anti-carcinogenic, heart-protective, anti-microbial, and anti-diabetic effects. How about a quick, rich, protein full of breakfast with pumpkin seeds?

Want to give it a shot? Try Healthy Treat’s Pumpkin seeds Peri peri in your smoothies, salads, and oat cookies to make the world’s tastiest versions. Yes you can much them raw too, these are so tangy yet healthy, you sure would love it!


5. Oats

An amazing source of whole grain high quality protein, Oats is the magical superfood since ages. Eating oats can actually keep you feeling full as it contains soluble fiber, hence helps in weight loss. With about 6 gms of protein for a small cup of oats, these are known to be the most dense nutrient foods of all. Their high fiber content can help in reducing the risk of heart diseases and maintaing blood sugar levels. Diabetic peeps, attention please!

Your life savior is here, trust us! You have to include this mandatory superfood in your diet bowls today to get your sugar levels stable. Better than those breakfast sandwiches, which are made of just maida, these oats can be eaten in aviary of ways, oats upma, oats porridge, oats soups or even smoothies.

Let’s kick start our mornin with a bowl of oats porridge and top it up with blueberries and strawberries with some pumpkin seeds and walnuts, and enjoy the yummiest bowl ever! 


6. Kidney Beans

Every other household has this great superfood in their kitchens. Indians are crazy about this. Any guesses ? Rajma or Kidney Beans. They have an ample amount of protein, which can enhance your immunities, your brain health, your blood pressure. These miracle foods that cure cancer can also reduce the respiratory illnesses too. One of the high protein breakfast foods option for weight loss out there. 

The world’s famous recipe is obviously the Rajma chawal, but you can also try the boiled versions for the raw kidney beans nutrition or include in salads or even soups. Start including these healthy habits in your daily routine and see the results rolling in! 

What do you think about this breakfast idea healthy for your body and beauty too?


7. Guava

Surprised ? We are too, but our research says it all. Guava has approximately 4.2 grams of protein in every serving. A great immunity booster fruit for breakfast which also offers amazing hair as well as skin benefits. Just like we get the required protien in banana, guava will for sure become one of the next protein rich fruits for many. 

What are you waiting for, start having these high protein fruits in raw forms and enjoy the benefits of fruity protein!


8. Almonds - Go nuts!

Everyone knows, almonds are been proven to the best sources of protein since ages. Per 100 gms serving, almonds contain about 21 g of high quality protein. Remember, your mothers used to feed you soaked almonds before your school bus arrives. That remedy still works like magic today! A great breakfast addition to your smoothies or bowls, a must have like a morning ritual!

Soak approx. 10 almonds in water overnight, peel and have them the next morning. This amount of protein in 10 almonds is so effective, that you may feel healthy and energized the whole day. Proven, it also helps in sharpening memory. Try Healthy treat's Roasted almonds if you want to go nuts!

So why not give this magical superfood a try.


9. Quinoa - The ultimate breakfast food

The most raved about product these days, Quinoa is undoubtedly one of the great sources of protein. One cup of quinoa has aprrox 9 gms of protein which sufficient to have it in the morning bowls. Excellent for diabetic beauties, how? It’s so rich in dietary fiber, that it controls your blood sugar levels. A high protein and a high fiber breakfast option, quinoa is a great superfood one should try including in their routine.

Try making quinoa upma, a quick and easy recipe made with quinoa seeds, seasonings and veggies, or a quinoa pudding with fresh fruits and chia seeds for that tasty breakfast bowl. These examples of proteins are the health saviours which you might appreciate in future.



10. Peanuts - The yummy protein ;)

Peanuts, peanuts, peanuts! You know how proteinful these can be? A power pack snack that can prove to be so effective for your health! A portion of protien in peanuts can actually be compared to that of protien in 1 egg white. One solution to your many concerns, peanut health benefits from preventing diabetes, to reducing the risk of stroke, to boosting memory, to contributing to a prosperous pregnancy.

According to Samara Sterling, Ph.D., director of research for The Peanut Institute, “Research around the world has found that eating peanuts or peanut butter daily delivers numerous benefits, including sustained energy, improved mental cognition, and, overall, a longer and healthier life."

True that.

So the next time you are binging your recent netflix series, try munching Healthy Treat’s Tomato Peanuts and enjoy your healthy binge watch.



These top 10 healthy foods or the types of protien foods can be so effective if included in your everyday diet bowls on a daily basis. Try now and share your protein magic in the comments section below.

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