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roasted kala chana channa roasted gram roasted chickpeas

Do you want to know an easy but healthiest snack option which can give you the ultimate dose of nutrition?

Why not?

And if we say just eating a handful of these can actually benefit you a lot ?

We promise, it does.

Small but powerful, Roasted chanas are amazing protein-rich superfoods that you all have been eating since your childhood. But you probably don't know what super wonders it can do to your health, to your beauty.

Let’s dive in then.

Roasted chana or bhuna channa, is considered as one of the most healthy and nutritious snacks in India. Dry roasting these chanas on low heat, can actually preserve their crispness and freshness, and hence improve their flavours too. Yes, that's why they are so yummy, yet so crunchy to binge. A high protein low calorie food, this little gram is a magical powerhouse of nutrients.

An excellent source of protein, fibre, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids, roasted chanas are a complete nutritional snack one can have anytime. But, benefits of eating chana in morning can be more fruitful compared to other times of the day. And because it is low in fat and high in energy, it also satisfies hunger cravings while stabilising blood sugar levels. 


But are you getting confused between what’s better - Regular chana or Roasted chana ? 

  • Regular chana cannot be eaten raw, because of its hard texture, but roasted chana can be consumed easily. 
  • Regular chana involves some kind of cooking before consumption, be it a chana curry or a boiled chana chaat, thereby losing its natural nutritive properties. But benefits of kala chana or roasted chana can help in improved digestion, weight loss and higher calories, as it retains its nutritional value.

    Told you, its amazing.


    roasted chickpeas benefits roasted chana benefits

    So now, you know it all about chanas. Then let's take a look at 9 amazing health benefits of chana for your body and beauty.


    1. Roasted chana for weight loss :

    Struggling with those extra kilos?

    With High in protein and rich in fibre content, roasted chana has become one of the best healthy snack options for weight less which you can include in your daily diet to make sure your calorie intake is in check. Even boiled chana for weight loss is good option. Not only that, it has more folate, more minerals, more fatty acids, than any other healthy snack options out there. Just a handful of these, can help you feel fuller for longer time.

    You might be wondering if roasted chana for weight gain can be possible or not? It can be, it all depends on the increase in intake of your chana diet, after all, plenty of protein will eventually gain you more pounds.


    2. Roasted chana for diabetes :

    Roasted chana can help regulate blood sugar, insulin levels, and lipid levels.


    Yes, they can actually benefit type 1 diabetic patients. So go ahead and educate your concerned ones about this amazing superfood-roasted chickpeas protein.


    3. Roasted chana benefits bone:

    What strengthens bones? Iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium, phosphate, manganese and a lot of other vitamins too. And these Roasted chanas have them all! They help maintain bone strength and the maintenance of the bone structure too. Told you these benefits of eating black chana are so much more.


    4. Roasted chana benefits blood pressure:

    Because of high in potassium, Roasted chanas can help stabilizing your blood pressure, as it can counteract the sodium effect in your blood. so what’s the wait for? Try Healthy treat’s roasted chana and start controlling your blood pressure levels. 


    5. Roasted chana benefits the heart:

    Do you know Fiber is one of four nutrients that can actually promote your healthy heart. By lowering the amount of cholesterol in your blood, it minimizes the risk of developing heart disease. 


    6. Roasted chana benefits for skin:

    Want that healthy glow on your skin? Try healthy treat's Roasted chana which can not only help in lightening scars but also opens up skin pores. The antioxidants present in these, can actually aid in fixing the damage level of the cells, making the skin healthier.

    Start adding this to your daily doe of diet, and see how your skin might feel softer and smoother day by day. Not only that, magnesium content in chana can get rid of those stubborn wrinkles and smoothes the fine lines with time. So ladies! what are you waiting for?


    7. Health benefits of Roasted chana for cancer :

    Roasted grams contain the mineral selenium, which is rarely found in fruits or vegetables. This mineral helps to reduce inflammation and tumor growth by detoxifying some cancer-causing compounds from the blood.
 Because of its high fiber content, it even lowers the risk of developing colorectal cancer. Benefits of roasted chana are magical, trust us.


    8. Roasted gram benefits blood cholesterol:

    The inclusion of roasted chana in your diet will reduce the amount of low-lipoprotein, or bad cholesterol, in your bloodstream. Start including Healthy treat's roasted chanas in your diet bowls today. You will soon realise the benefits of eating roasted chana can be life changing.


    9. Eating chana benefits for inflammation: 

    It contains choline, which helps to maintain the structure of cellular membranes, allowing for better fat absorption and reducing inflammation. Some might refer these as white chana benefits too, but all in all, you should believe chana is a protein hero !




    chana benefits nutrition roasted gram

    Want to know how nutritious 100gm chana is ?

    Protein - 18.40g
    Dietary Fiber - 14.93g
    Carb - 62.74g
    Fat - 6.86g
    Vitamin A - 19.98 IU
    Vitamin C - 4.79 mg
    Calcium - 110.56mg
    Iron - 5.85mg


    roasted chana recipes protein chaat

    Let's prepare some quick 2 min roasted chana recipe for your cravings!

    • Yummiest salad ever!

    PEEL ! SLICE ! CHOP ! All your fresh favourite veggies and add them to your favourite snack bowl ( P.s.We love to make fancy salads in a "salad bowl" ) Add salt and pepper.

    Want to make more tangy? Add some chat masala and squeeze half a lemon. Now is the time for our hero ingredient ! ROASTED CHANAS, toss them for that extra crunch and flavor to your life changing salad. Perfect for women, roasted chana in pregnancy can be a great superfood option for all the new moms out there !

    • Protein richest Bhel !

    Not your ordinary bhel peeps ! Take your favourite snack bowl, add some puffed rice. You may want to add some carbs too, trust us, boiled potatoes would taste yummy. Again chop-chop onions and tomatoes like a ritual !

    Now let's add Healthy treat's favourite protein trio - Masala chana dal, Himalayan salted peanuts, Roasted chana chilli garlic.Want a bit tangy?Add raw mangoes then. For spices, cumin seed powder, red chilli powder, and salt would suffice. Half a lemon with some nylon sev and crushed papdis, and a bit of green chutney. Garnish with fresh aromatic corainder leaves. Give a nice mix. Your roasted chana protein bhel is ready.

    • Sprouts time !

    P.O.V. You are making a regular Moong sprout chaat. 

    Add a twist ! Healthy treat's roasted peanuts, and roasted chanas are the yummiest heroes here ! Toss them with boiled moong sprouts along with puffed rice. A big time chop-chop, onions, tomatoes, boiled potatoes, green chillies, cucumbers! And with some freshly grated paneer, half a lemon and the basics, salt.

    Toss and enjoy ! Give this a try to reap the benefits of chana sprouts. To conclude, sprouted chana nutrition composes 480g calories, 84 g carbs, 36g protein and just 8g fat. Now will you make a healthy choice? Because, sprouted chana benefits are much more than this.

    Fun fact: Did you know apart from roasted chanas, soaked chana has some magical powers too. Benefits of drinking soaked chana water can do crazy wonders to your body, to your skin. So start gulping it right away!

    You might be wondering if there might be roasted chana disadvantages. Just follow a simple rule, eating any healthy superfood in limited portions, can never harm you in any way.

    If you want us to share some weight loss healthy dinner meals too, do leave in the comments below !

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    Deepak Pandey
    Deepak Pandey

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    Please suggest night dinner with high protein. Because I’m reduce my Bally fat as well as weght

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